Alice Woodrow was the daughter of Emily Woodrow.


Alice and her siblings argued over whose turn it was to use the iPad. Their mother however, broke the iPad after being upset Jesse planned to leave.[1]

Alice was sick and taken care of by her mother, while she was also busy running errands for the church. Alice eventually got full attention from her mother when Tulip offered to run the errands.[2]

When Emily learned Odin was tearing the church down, Alice watched as her mother burst into rage while eating breakfast.[3]

When the citizens of Annville gathered at the All Saints' Congregational to watch Jesse Custer summon God, Alice sat with her mother at the piano and asked her whether Miles was coming. Alice was told by her mother that Miles was going somewhere else to see god, and was told to go sit over with her brothers. Later after God was revealed to have abandoned heaven, Emily told her children that nothing had changed, and they never needed God. Alice, along with her mother and brothers were later killed when Annville was destroyed from the Methane pressure, which destroyed the town.[4]


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