"Travis, Bowie... the rest of them boys defended the Alamo those weeks back in 1836? Great men. Great Texans. Heck, heroes... each and every one of them. But the thing we forget... what no one ever wants to talk about in the end... they lost. To add, we must subtract."
—Odin Quincannon comparing Jesse Custer's situation to the Battle of Alamo[src]
Odin Quincannon's model of Alamo

The Battle of Alamo was a pivotal moment during the Texas Revolution. Key figures in the battle included James Bowie and William Travis. The siege took place over the course of thirteen days. Despite their best efforts, they were ultimately defeated by the Mexicans.

The Battle of Alamo was referenced several times over the course of the first season of Preacher.



Image Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Jesse helps Odin with his Alamo model 1 4 "Monster Swamp" Jesse helps Odin build his model of Alamo while persuading him to attend his church.
Odin's completed Alamo model 1 7 "He Gone" A shot of Odin Quincannon's completed Alamo model.
Odin and his men surround Jesse 1 8 "El Valero" Odin Quincannon reminds Jesse that despite the efforts at Alamo, the Mexicans won.