Pedro the Prairie Dog punched by the Chief Red Savage

Chief Red Savage is Annville's former mascot. The Chief Red Savage and Pedro were secretly lovers.


Save the Savages

The Chief Red Savage was removed as Annville's mascot due to political correctness. A portion of the city were upset and began a "Save the Savages" campaign. Chief Red Savage was later replaced by a Prairie Dog. Those upset engaged in a riot outside Annville City Hall. The Chief mascot landed several punches and headbutts to the mascot during the riot.[1]

Larry, who represented the Chief Red Savage was arrested for unknown reasons. While in custody, Cassidy told him to take a break with Pedro. Larry was then released as Pedro dropped the charges.[2]

The Chief Red Savage wandered about in Annville that night, holding several flowers.[2]

Chief Red Savage and Pedro hang themselves

The Chief Red Savage was present at Jesse's church as he brought God to Annville. After learning that God had abandoned Heaven, the Chief Red Savage and Pedro the Prairie Dog hung themselves. Prior to his suicide however, Larry smoked one last cigarette which he threw to the ground. The cigarette dropped by a methane pipe, which ultimately set Annville in flames.[2]


Season 1Edit


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