Clive was an employee of Quincannon Meat & Power.


Clive and several other employees were present when Odin Quincannon pitched to a couple on purchasing their land. When Donnie Schenck took the contract out and dropped his pen, Clive helped Donnie pick his pen up. Later, Clive's face was smashed into the steering wheel by Donnie.[1]

Clive later went to Toadvine with several other employees of Quincannon Meat & Power, where they all lost to Tulip O'Hare in poker. Upset, Clive left with his prostitute, Lacey.[1]

Clive and a few other men horse-played with the prostitutes of Toadvine. Shortly after Clive shot Lacey with a paint gun, Lacey fell into a pit. Clive when to investigate what happened.[2]

While mourning Lacey, Clive got into an argument with Tulip after Tulip told the prostitutes they should've known better. To calm things between Tulip and Clive, Mosie told everyone they had an hour on the house. Later, Tulip mistook Cassidy for him, and watched as Tulip threw Cassidy out of the building.[2]

Clive charges toward Jesse's church chanting "food court!"

Clive join Odin Quincannon and his men as they planned to take over Jesse's church. When Odin told them he planned on building a cafeteria which served all sorts of food, Clive told Odin that was a food court. They were told they would only get it if they took the church. Desperate for the food court, Clive charged at Jesse's church, despite his co-workers retreating. Clive's penis however was shot off. Clive was left in shock and held his penis. When he returned to Quincannon and his men, he casually showed it off, even complimenting Jesse's aim. Later, Clive screamed in pain as he was driven away by an ambulance.[3]

Clive asks if he could have his penis back

Clive attended Jesse's service when he summoned "God". When "God" asked the congregation if they had any questions, Clive asked if he could have his penis back, causing "God" and the town to burst into laughter. Clive was later killed when Annville was incinerated from the methane pressure, which caught fire from Chief Red Savage's cigarette embers.[4]


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