For the character himself, see Eugene Root.
Jesse Custer began hallucinating Eugene Root after sending him to Hell.


Jesse first hallucinated Eugene Root as Odin Quincannon and his "meat men" took a siege of All Saints' Congregational. Jesse pulled what he believed was Eugene out from the floor. Eugene asked for water, which Jesse delivered. "Eugene" asked if Jesse spoke of the men at the motel when the latter spoke of being told about consequences. From there, Jesse realized he was only hallucinating Eugene.[1]

When Fiore and DeBlanc were extracting Genesis from Jesse, Eugene noted that Jesse was resisting.[1]

Jesse later hallucinated Eugene at a local diner. There, Jesse vowed he will bring Eugene back one way or the other.[2]


  • Eugene Root appears to take the role of John Wayne on AMC's adaption. In the Preacher comics, John Wayne served as Jesse Custer's conscience.


Season 1Edit


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