Second Lieutenant F.J. Hoover is an operative of the Grail under the Samson unit.


Tracking Jesse CusterEdit

Hoover, along with Lara Featherstone and other Grail operatives were sent to New Orleans to confirm their intel on Jesse Custer. When he encountered Jesse at a bar, he directed Jesse to Featherstone.[1]

After Featherstone got close to Jesse and confirmed his power, Hoover was told to send Jesse's case up to the Samson unit.[1]

Featherstone watches over Jesse through surveillance

Later, Hoover and Featherstone moved into the same flat of Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip where they closely watched the three through surveillance. However, Hoover noted they are risking being compromised. After Tulip knocked on their door to patch the wall, Hoover cleaned their apartment to hide their operation from Tulip, though failed to hide a gun which Featherstone played off as a weapon of self defense against her ex.[2]


Season 2Edit

Behind the scenesEdit



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