"If by baby you mean the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that will shift the balance of power, threaten all creation, then yeah, it's a baby."
DeBlanc describing Genesis to Jesse Custer[src]

Genesis is the spawn of an angel and a demon. Genesis escaped Heaven and merged with Reverend Jesse Custer, giving him the power to command almost anyone.



Genesis was born to an angel and a demon. Genesis was deemed too powerful and both the highest levels of Heaven and Hell agreed to keep Genesis a secret. Genesis was placed in a domicile and Fiore and DeBlanc were designated its custodians.[1]

Escape from HeavenEdit

Genesis faces Jesse Custer

Genesis finds a suitable host in Jesse Custer

Genesis escaped its domicile and made its way to Earth. Genesis first landed in Nairobi where it merged with a preacher, though ended up causing the preacher to explode. Next, Genesis made its way to Russia in attempt to merge with a Satanist, though with the same result.[2] Next, Genesis made an attempt to merge with Tom Cruise[2][3] on [2], only to kill him as well. Eventually, Genesis found a suitable host in Jesse Custer.[2]

Genesis was eventually drawn out of Jesse after the latter agreed to give Genesis up for Eugene's return. When Genesis returned to its domicile, it was called a "bad boy" by Fiore. After DeBlanc and Fiore refused to bring Eugene back and argued with Jesse, Genesis broke out of its domicile - destroying it in the process - and returned to Jesse.[4]


Season 1Edit

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