"I am a loving God Tulip O'Hare, but DO NOT PUSH IT!"
—God to Tulip[src]

God is the forger and master of Creation; encompassing Heaven, Earth, and Hell, as well as all the beings therein. His angels describe him as the Alpha and the Omega; the Truth, the Resurrection, and the Way - the bright Morning Star. For unknown reasons, God has abandoned Heaven and chosen to live in obscurity on Earth.


Abandoning HeavenEdit

It is unknown why, but God had left Heaven.[1]

At one point, God reportedly frequented She She's strip club to listen to jazz music.[2]

He eventually made his way to New Orleans, where he dressed as a dalmatian and got into sex acts.[3]

Just as Tulip was resurrected, God told her he has chosen her for a mission to "Get those sonsabitches".[4]

When The Grail appeared in Angelville with Jessie's soul fragment to complete the deal for Jessie to become the Grails new messiah, Tulip attacked them in retaliation for her death believing they were the "sonsabitches" god was referring to. Tulip accidentally began her assault before Jessie could receive the 1% of his soul and thus prevented him from accessing Genesis.

God pulled Tulip over as she was driving along a road in Angelville, appearing in his Dalmatian suit riding a motorcycle with a beautiful blonde riding with him. He thanked Tulip for her service and revealed that Tulip screwing up and preventing this exchange thereby stranding Jessie in Angelville was his intent all along. When Tulip asked why he was on earth god said he was preparing a test for humanity. Tulip immediately called "bullsh*t" and chastised god for simply being on earth to indulge his vices. God became enraged and told Tulip that though he was a loving god to "NOT PUSH IT" he then launched Tulip against her car and sped off on his motorcycle.


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  • Dog is backwards for God.


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