Angels use a phone to contact Heaven while on missions elsewhere.


  • The phone can only be used by angel hands.[1]
  • There are phones stationed in Lubbock.[1]


While on an unsanctioned mission to retrieve Genesis, DeBlanc and Fiore brought a phone as a last resort. Though refusing to use it, the two were contacted by Heaven.[2] The two avoided the call and rehearsed how they would answer themselves. By the time they got back, the phone stopped ringing.[3]

Susan, a seraphim, brought a phone while on a sanctioned mission to hunt down DeBlanc and Fiore. Her phone however, was destroyed by Fiore, taking away her ability to contact Heaven.[1]

While on the run, Jesse stole Fiore and DeBlanc's Heaven phone in attempt to call Heaven and bring God to Annville. In the process, Jesse and Cassidy also dug up a grave of Fiore and DeBlanc to retrieve an angel hand, so Jesse could use the phone.[4]

With the town all in All Saints' Congregational, Jesse used the phone to call Heaven. After moments of silence, a white bearded figure appeared, claiming to be God. After answering questions, Jesse realized the figure wasn't God but an impostor, as God had abandoned Heaven.[5]


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The phone itself is a Soviet TA-57 field telephone.


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