The following is a list of people Jesse Custer used the "Word of God" on.


Ted ReyersonEdit

  • Command: "Be brave, tell her the truth, open your heart"
  • Result: Ted cuts his heart out.

Unnamed Dog Edit

  • Command: "Quiet!"
  • Result: The dog stops barking immediately.


  • Command: "Forget her!"
  • Result: All memory of a girl he had urges for was erased.

Tracy LoachEdit

  • Command: "Open your eyes."
  • Result: A comatose Tracy Loach opens her eyes.


Cassidy sings "me some Johnny Cash"
  • Command: "Hop."
  • Result: Cassidy hops
  • Command: "Sing me some Johnny Cash"
  • Result: Cassidy sings the words "Me some Johnny Cash".
  • Command: "Hop and tell me a secret"
  • Result: Cassidy hops and admits he likes Justin Bieber.
  • Command: "Hop and tell me the governor of Texas"
  • Result: Cassidy hops and unable to answer due to not knowing who the governor of Texas is.
  • Command: "Box", "Faster"
  • Result: Cassidy boxes and continues to box faster upon command.
  • Command: "Fly"
  • Result: Cassidy throws himself to the wall.

Donnie SchenckEdit

Donnie puts a gun in his mouth after being commanded by Jesse
  • Command: "Stop"
  • Result: Donnie freezes.
  • Command: "Back up"
  • Result: Donnie backs into the bathroom stall.
  • Command: "Sit down"
  • Result: Donnie sits on the toilet.
  • Command: "Put the gun in your mouth"
  • Result: Donnie puts his gun in his own mouth
  • Command: "Pull back the hammer"
  • Result: Donnie pulls the hammer.
  • Command: "Drop the gun"
  • Result: Donnie drops the gun.

Odin QuincannonEdit

  • Command: "Serve God"
  • Result: Odin agrees to serve God, but does so in his own twisted way.

Unnamed Flavour Station customerEdit

  • Command: "Be patient"
  • Result: Customer agrees to just be patient with his in-laws.

Terri LoachEdit

  • Command: "Drop it"
  • Result: Terri drops the bat
  • Command: "Step away from the car"
  • Result: Terri steps away from Jesse's truck
  • Command: "Forgive him"
  • Result: Terri forgives and embraces Eugene

Cathy and BillEdit

  • Command: "Just use your best judgement"
  • Result: Cathy and Bill agree to use their best judgement on how to deal with their kid.


  • Command: "Tell me what it is"
  • Result: DeBlanc reveals what Genesis is to Jesse.

DeBlanc and FioreEdit

  • Command: "Stay away from me"
  • Result: DeBlanc and Fiore step away from Jesse

Eugene RootEdit

Eugene disappears after being told to go to Hell
  • Command: "Go to Hell Eugene!"
  • Result: Eugene vanishes

Dirt beneath the church Edit

  • Command: "Come back"
  • Result: Nothing happens.

DeBlanc and Fiore Edit

  • Command: "Come in"
  • Result: DeBlanc and Fiore enters the church

Donnie Schenck Edit

  • Command: "Put down the gun"
  • Result: Nothing happens.

Impostor God Edit

  • Command: "Where is he?"
  • Result: The Impostor tells Jesse where God went but he doesn't know.

Tulip O'Hare Edit

  • Command: "Kiss me"
  • Result: Tulips kisses Jesse

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