"You stop that, we Custers don't cry; we fight."
—John to his son prior to his death.[src]

John Custer (1955-1990)[1] was the father of Jesse Custer.


John was a successful Preacher, often getting a full crowd of parishioners at his church.[2]

John caught Jesse with his smoking friends once and to set an example, he whipped Jesse in front of his friends.[2]

John woke Jesse up one night and drove over to Quincannon Meat & Power after being called by Odin Quincannon. John found Odin in his office, covered in his family's blood. John was told that meat is meat and there is no spirit. He was also told to denounce God in front of his congregation but John refused. On the drive home, John told Jesse that some people can't be saved.[2][3]

For unknown reasons, John was killed in front of his son. He was killed by a man with a tattoo on his right arm. The tattoo designs was of a skull with a law enforcement style five point star an a horseshoe. Prior to his death, he reminded his son he had to be one of the good guys, because there were far too many of the bad.[4]

After his death, John was buried in a graveyard outside his church.[1]


Season 1Edit

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the comics, John served in Vietnam, rather than being a preacher.
  • John Custer is portrayed by Nathan Darrow.
    • Dominic Cooper originally played the role of John Custer, along with Jesse Custer. He was however, replaced by Nathan Darrow when they began filming more scenes with Jesse's father.[5]


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