"Like a 10 inch dick, I need to see it to believe it."
—Klaus Starr to Saltonstall[src]

Herr Klaus Helmut Starr is the leader of the Samson Unit under the Grail. After discovering Jesse Custer's power, Starr decided to throw a coup against the Grail, using Jesse as the new messiah instead of Humperdoo.


Early lifeEdit

Klaus Starr was orphaned when he was four years old.[1]

Joining the GrailEdit

Klaus Starr shoots the remaining candidate

In 2004, as a Lieutenant Colonel of Germany's Anti-Terrorist unit GSG-9, Starr was invited to try out for the Grail. He succeeded all of the trials. His methods were highly unorthodox, including distracting one of his opponents by masturbating, threatening a woman he was supposed to seduce, tolerating his genitals being electrocuted, and finally killing the remaining candidate but not being disqualified for it.[1]

Klaus learns of the Grail's origins and goals

Saltonstall explained to Starr the Grail's true goal: Maintain the bloodline of Christ. After being presented his new uniform, Klaus pushed Saltonstall off the tower and assumed command of the Samson Unit.[1]

In 2016, Starr was delivered a map from Dany while watching a Snuff film.[2]

Tracking Jesse CusterEdit

Starr had collected intel on Jesse and his power. He then sent Lara Featherstone and Hoover to New Orleans to confirm their intel.[3]

Klaus Starr calls the Grail in Vietnam

Klaus flew out to Vietnam after learning of a situation of a flying pig. He reported the situation back to the Grail and requested more operatives before deciding to kill the village and the pig with toxic water. After the village had been killed off due to the toxic water, Klaus was told to go to New Orleans for his next mission, Jesse Custer.[1]

Featherstone and Hoover show Jesse's power

Starr was shown footage of Jesse using Genesis but was barely interested. As he left for his date, Starr ordered Featherstone and Hoover to kill Jesse and his friends. His date was later interrupted and left abruptly. The following day, he prepared to execute Hoover and Featherstone for their botch but decided to spare them after Featherstone insisted they use "B.R.A.D." the next time. Starr then spoke of a rape fantasy and requested they order him professionals.[4]

Recruiting Jesse to replace the messiahEdit

Klaus Starr buggered by male prostitutes

As Starr reviewed surveillance of Jesse discussing God's disappearance, Starr finally decided to review Jesse's file. As he reviewed an Angelville pamphlet later, three male prostitutes barge into his office. Starr dismissed them, stating he wanted women but they take his "No" as a "Yes" and Starr was raped by a prostitute as he was held down by the other two. During which, Starr sparked an idea and ordered Featherstone to call off "B.R.A.D." after the prostitutes left.[4]

Starr introduces himself to Jesse

A week later, Starr confronted Jesse and told him he's aware he knows God is missing.[4] Starr explained the Grail to Jesse, including the fact that the Grail were the ones who hired and killed Mark Harelik. Starr then introduced Jesse to the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury at his New Orleans office. After the Pope subtly mentions the messiah, he dismissed the two. However, Jesse commanded him to reveal who the boy is and to bring him to the messiah.[5]

Herr Starr introduces the Messiah to Jesse

Starr then brought him across the world. He then brought Jesse to the messiah, introducing Jesse to the messiah as "Humperdoo", who is an inbred simpleton ancestor of Jesus. After the messiah broke into an agitated state, Starr and Jesse leave. As Starr escorted Jesse back to Denis' apartment, Starr proposed Jesse be the messiah instead of Humperdoo. After Jesse refused, he can be of better help than his friends.[5]

Starr recruits Featherstone and Hoover for his coup

When Featherstone asked why Jesse Custer is being kept alive, Starr told her that the messiah is a moron and plans to have Jesse replace the messiah. Starr then recruited Featherstone and Hoover to join the coup, which they don't hesitate to agree to. As Featherstone left, Hoover told Starr he doubts himself worthy for an assignment, but Starr told him there's no one available, praying it wouldn't come down to him when the time comes.[6]

Starr presents Jesse archives of his prayers

Later, Starr was told that God was hiding in a dog suit performing sex acts. Starr then deduced Jesse is only looking for God to look for forgiveness for having his father killed. Starr presents Jesse with archives of his past prayers. After Starr reviewed a few of them with Jesse, he told the latter that the only way he'd save his soul is if he joined him. When Jesse denied, Starr presented Jesse with a recording of a young Jesse claiming he's glad God killed his father. However, Jesse still denied to join him and was commanded to shove the tapes up his own ass, which he did. As he was doing so, Starr called Hoover, telling him it has come down to him.[6]

Starr kneels before Jesse

After the Saint of Killers returned to Hell, Starr had Cassidy and Tulip brought to his office. He explained to the two that Jesse is destined for greatness. Starr also explained Jesse doesn't need the two, which the latter knows deep down, prompting the two to leave Jesse. Later, Jesse, now alone, returned to his office. Starr was asked what happens next and Starr knelt before Jesse and placed Jesse's hand on his head.[7]

Starr records Jesse's first messiah speech

As Jesse prepared for his first messiah speech, Starr presented Jesse with an 11th-century Flemish fencing cloak which Jesse refused. Starr then joined Jesse and recorded Jesse as he made his first speech in front of christian children. When Armenians stormed the classroom, Starr was knocked aside. After Jesse took the Armenians down, Starr revealed Jesse has already gone viral. Starr was then pinned to the wall, after Jesse realized the Armenians were staged and told that wasn't what he signed up for.[8]

Starr tells Jesse to return for his soul extract when he's finished with Tulip

On the way to the airport, Starr asked Jesse why he didn't use Genesis on the Armenians and Jesse claimed he didn't need to. Regardless, Starr warned Jesse he will have to soon. When they arrived at the airport, Jesse is bombarded by journalists by Starr dismissed them. After they board the plane, Starr told Jesse not to worry about his friends after Cassidy left a voice message. However, when he learned Tulip had been shot, he told Jesse to deal with her and to return to him once he's finished for an extract of his soul. Starr then called Featherstone and scolded her for compromising his plan and to call off Tulip's ambulance.[8]


  • Durability: When Starr tried out for the Grail, he endured his testicles being shocked while showing no signs of pain.
  • Multilingual: Starr is fluent in English and knows Vietnamese to an extent. It is assumed he understands German as well.


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