"Like a 10 inch dick, I need to see it to believe it."
—Klaus Starr to Saltonstall[src]

Herr Klaus Helmut Starr is the leader of the Samson Unit under the Grail.


Early lifeEdit

Klaus Starr was orphaned when he was four years old.[1]

Joining the GrailEdit

Klaus Starr shoots the remaining candidate

In 2004, as a Lieutenant Colonel of Germany's Anti-Terrorist unit GSG-9, Starr was invited to try out for the Grail. During the process, he successfully succeeded all trials. During which, he defeated an operative by distracting him by masturbating, threatening a woman he was supposed to seduce, sat through his genitals being shocked with no signs of pain, and finally killing the remaining candidate.[1]

Klaus learns of the Grail's origins and goals

After which, Saltonstall explained the Grail's true goal - maintain the bloodline of Christ. After being presented his new uniform, Klaus pushed Saltonstall off the tower and assumed command of the Samson Unit.[1]

In 2016, Starr was delivered a map from Dany while watching a Snuff film.[2]

Tracking Jesse CusterEdit

Starr had collected intel on Jesse and his power. He then sent Lara Featherstone and Hoover to New Orleans to confirm their intel.[3]

Klaus Starr calls the Grail in Vietnam

Klaus flew out to Vietnam after learning of a situation of a flying pig. He reported the situation back to the Grail and requested more operatives before deciding to kill the village and the pig with toxic water. After the village had been killed off due to the toxic water, Klaus was told to go to New Orleans for his next mission, Jesse Custer.[1]

Featherstone and Hoover show Jesse's power

Starr was shown footage of Jesse using Genesis but was barely interested. As he left for his date, Starr ordered Featherstone and Hoover to kill Jesse and his friends. His date was later interrupted and left abruptly. The following day, he prepared to execute Hoover and Featherstone for their botch but decided to spare them after Featherstone insisted they use "B.R.A.D." the next time. Starr then spoke of a rape fantasy and requested they order him professionals.[4]

Klaus Starr buggered by male prostitutes

As Starr reviewed surveillance of Jesse speaking of God being missing, he finally decided to review Jesse's file. As he reviewed an Angelville pamphlet later, three male prostitutes barge into his office. Starr dismissed them, stating he wanted women but they take his "no" as a "yes" and Starr was buggered by a prostitute as he was held down by the other two. During which, Starr sparked an idea and ordered Featherstone to call off "B.R.A.D." after the prostitutes left.[4]

A week later, Starr confronted Jesse and told him he's aware he knows God is missing.[4]


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Behind the scenesEdit


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