Lara Featherstone is one of the Grail's best operatives. After gaining intel on Jesse Custer' power, Featherstone and a few other operatives went New Orleans to confirm their intel.[1]


Tracking Jesse CusterEdit

Featherstone sings at Le Chamonix

Featherstone and the Grail operatives organized a convoluted plan, beginning with Hoover sending Jesse to Le Chamonix, a club which Featherstone would sing at. Featherstone sung "Almost Blue" at Le Chamonix as Jesse arrived. After her performance, a man tried to hit on her, though she quickly turned him down. Jesse then told her a bartender told him to see her. Featherstone told Jesse to clean himself and meet her outside before splashing Jesse with her drink.[2]

Featherstone tells Hoover to send Jesse's case to Samson Unit

Outside, Featherstone was seemingly kidnapped by men in white suits, though she was quickly rescued by Jesse. Back at her apartment, Featherstone asked how Jesse made the men stop, and was told he had a power. Featherstone then had Jesse demonstrate his powers. Featherstone later left her apartment, planning to leave New Orleans. After a van intervened, Featherstone got into the van and removed her wig. She told Hoover their intel was correct and ordered Hoover to send the case up to the Samson Unit.[2]

Featherstone watches over Jesse through surveillance

Later, she moved into the same apartment Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip resided. Lara and Hoover closely watched over Jesse through surveillance. The two eventually had a visit from Tulip and Featherstone quickly changed her attire and cleaned their flat. Lara then welcomed Tulip in and claimed she just moved in after being on the run from her ex and introduces herself as Jenny. After Tulip invited her to go with her to the Hurt Locker some time, Jenny happily agreed.[3]


Featherstone is smart, calculating and isn’t afraid to use any means, including her sexuality, to complete her assigned mission. Featherstone has committed her life to the Grail and will stop at nothing to protect their objectives.[1]


Season 2Edit

Behind the scenesEdit


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