Pedro the Prairie Dog

Pedro the Prairie Dog was Annville's politically correct mascot. Pedro and Red Savage were secretly lovers.


Camp leaderEdit

At a camp, Pedro was a troop leader. During which, he inappropriately touched Eugene Root.[1]

Annville's new mascotEdit

Pedro the Prairie Dog punched by the Chief Red Savage

Annville's previous mascot Chief Red Savage was replaced due to political correctness. Pedro the Prairie Dog became the town's new mascot. A portion of the town however, didn't accept the change. During the unveiling of the mascot, a small riot ensued outside Annville City Hall. Pedro the Prairie Dog was hit several times by the previous mascot and the crowd.[2]

Chief Red Savage and Pedro hang themselves

Pedro was assaulted by the Chief Red Savage. Later, Pedro dropped the charges. Pedro attended Jesse's service when he brought God to Annville. After being told they were saved, Pedro embraced a parishioner next to him. After learning that it was actually an impostor God, Pedro and Chief Red Savage hanged themselves next to each other, just before Annville was incinerated.[3]


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


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