Tulip: "What, you know you're the only person in this entire planet who doesn't like that movie?"
Cassidy: "Unh-unh. That's not true. It's... it's... it's actually, it's a very controversial film."
—Tulip and Cassidy argue over the Big Lebowski[src]

The Big Lebwoski is an American comedy film by the Coen Brothers. The overall success of the film spawned a spin-off titled Going Places, which began production in summer of 2016.[1]

Through the course of the first season, Cassidy was vocal of his disdain of the film. Despite that, he appears the be one of the few who dislike the film.



Image Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Cassidy tells Jesse he thinks The Big Lebowski is overrated 1 2 "See" Cassidy tells Jesse he thinks The Big Lebowski is overrated. Jesse tells Cassidy he likes The Big Lebowski, though Cassidy tells Jesse that it's a shite film.
Cassidy tells Emily not to make The Big Lebowski her first Coen brothers film 1 7 "He Gone" Emily Woodrow states she never seen a Coen brothers film. Cassidy responds by telling her not to start with The Big Lebowski.
Cassidy claims The Big Lebowski is a controversial film 1 10 "Call and Response" Cassidy clarifies the ending of The Big Lebowski, criticizing that it's pointless. Tulip tells Cassidy he is the only one who dislikes the film. Cassidy tells Tulip it's a controversial film. Tulip asks everyone at the diner if they like The Big Lebowski. The diners cheer and one exclaims "Long live the Dude!"


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