Tracy Loach was a girl who fell into a coma after being shot with a shotgun by Eugene Root.


Tracy Loach was asked out by Eugene Root. Tracy rejected Eugene however. Tracy was shot in the head with a shotgun by Eugene. Though she survived, Tracy was left in a coma.[1]

In a comaEdit

As her doctor told her mother she could hear, her mother would watch TV with her so she could listen.[2] Jesse eventually came to visit her twice. In Jesse's second visit, Jesse told her to open her eyes.[2] Due to Jesse's powers, Tracy opened her eyes but remained in a coma.[3]

Jack takes a selfie as Terri kills Tracy

Tracy was brought to All Saints' Congregational when Jesse brought "God" to Annville. After it was revealed the bearded figure was an impostor, and that God had abandoned Heaven, Tracy was brought back home. There, Tracy was smothered with a pillow by her mother while her brother took a selfie.[4]


Season 1Edit


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