Verne was an employee of Quincannon Meat & Power.


Verne played poker at Toadvine, though lost to Tulip.[1]

At Lacey's memorial, when Tulip O'Hare called the prostitutes and john's out for horse-playing, Verne told Tulip they didn't mean to hurt anyone. Verne was told she wasn't talking to him.[2]

Siege of All Saints church Edit

Verne and Meat Men storm Jesse's church

Verne and a few other "Meat Men" stormed into Jesse's building. Jesse however, attacked them from out of no where and disarmed him and the other men. Verne and the others retreated. Verne then reported to Odin and Donnie of what happened. The following day, Verne and the other men made another attempt the following morning, only to be fired at by Jesse. Later, Odin planned out a night assault. During the assault, they were all forced to retreat for a third time. Verne gathered with the other meat men and Odin when Donnie managed to subdue Jesse, who blew his ear drums to prevent being vulnerable to Jesse's word.[3]


Season 1Edit

Behind the scenesEdit


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